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DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah – Back For More LP (Free Download)

DJ Jazzy Jeff needs no introduction – supporting him is a deep back catalogue of dope productions and DJ mixes. Pairing up with great vocalist Ayah, they have dropped a free downloadable LP of some nice sample-heavy nu-soul cuts.

Quite a few of the samples will be instantly recognisable to your ears. I rather liked ‘Hold On’.

You can download the album here.

(*Disclaimer: ‘He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper’ was one of my favourite rap songs in Primary School).


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Young Montana? – Sacre Cool (Free Download)

Young Montana? is aspiring UK beatmaker, Jon Pritchard. On ‘Sacre Cool’ he takes the ubiquitous bass, synths and vocal samples of Chemise’s ‘She Can’t Love You’, and chops them up to great effect.

While I am sometimes underwhelmed when beatmakers take a classic old cut and loop it over and over again to a hip-hop beat, that is not the case with this:

Free download too. More info on Young Montana here.

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Ghostfunk – Dem Back (Free Download)

So imagine if Ghostface Killah (of Wu-Tang fame) actually grew up in Ghana or Nigeria? Perhaps he would have released something like this:

The album is the brainchild of Max Tannone – who has fused the rhymes of Ghostface with African funk, high-life, and psychedelic rock music.

The whole album is available for download here, but ‘Dem Back’ stood out for me.

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Pete Rock & Deda – Marked 4 death

Pete Rock and J Dilla are top of the hip-hop tree, in my opinion. Both took production to a whole new level, while spawning a rather significant movement of devoted disciples. ‘Marked 4 Death’ saw Pete Rock layer beats for Deda to rhyme over, and it appeared on ‘Lost and Found: Hip-hop Undeground Soul Classics’.

Check it:

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Orakel – When Time Doesn’t Know Itself

From Austria, comes this gem of an album from Orakel (out on 4Lux). At a time when songs tend to be released more as singles or one-offs, it is reassuring that some continue to keep the full album experience alive.

With ‘When Time Doesn’t Know Itself’, comparisons with earlier work from 4 Hero will be likely – but such comparisons are not unreasonable, nor unwelcome.

The album succeeds in combining beautiful string arrangements and assorted vocalists, with crisp drum patterns and solid production qualities. It is sort of a meeting of yesterday’s and tomorrow’s music. And it works wonderfully.

Highlights include the instrumental nu-jazz flavoured piece ‘Come Closer’, the great vocal pairing of Vilja Larjosto & Anya Stuart over flutes and beeps on ‘When Life Has To Confer’, and the interplanetary keys and broken beats of ‘Interplanetary Jaunt ‘. Of course, I could go on an name another six or seven songs.

You can listen for yourself, via the following album sampler:

Guests include Dwight Trible, Sacha Williamson, Vilja Larjosto and Dorian Concept. Buy this album, now.

Orakel’s soundcloud page.

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Bobby Blunt & Taku – Where

If you’ve followed earlier posts you would probably know that I’m a big fan of singer/rapper Bobby Blunt aka Bernard Eure. He has teamed up with an Australian-based producer, Ta-ku, to drop a new, free and very dope EP. In fact, when I played ‘Where’ (from the album) I thought it was one of the best future soul recordings I’d heard of late.

Go check it for yourself (and get on the download):

Or check the rest of the album here.

More on Ta-Ku here.

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Onra – L.O.V.E

French beatmaker, Onra, provides a sample of what’s in store for his forthcoming album. The preview track ‘L.O.V.E’ sees Onra continue down an irresistible path of 80s boogie-infused slow burning house, soul and hip-hop.

Check it – the bass is nasty:

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