Karen Aoki – Love for sale

I was fortunate enough to be travelling through Tokyo at the end of 2005 – primarily for food and entertainment – but also for records. I happened to be in a record shop when I heard some a heavenly voice being trasmitted through the speakers. (Is this sort of experience unique to music junkies?)

As it turned out, I was listening to Karen Aoki’s ‘Tokyo J’z Trippin’ album (which doesn’t seem to have made its way into Discogs – yet). While I haven’t managed to find anything from that album that I can post on this blog, there is plenty more work from Karen to choose from. Cue lovely, sultry jazz voice now:

And if anyone manages to locate a copy of ‘Tokyo Trippin’ you should snap it up. It contains production from the likes of Jazztronik and a few other notables of the Japanese jazz/club scene.

Her website is here.


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