Orakel – When Time Doesn’t Know Itself

From Austria, comes this gem of an album from Orakel (out on 4Lux). At a time when songs tend to be released more as singles or one-offs, it is reassuring that some continue to keep the full album experience alive.

With ‘When Time Doesn’t Know Itself’, comparisons with earlier work from 4 Hero will be likely – but such comparisons are not unreasonable, nor unwelcome.

The album succeeds in combining beautiful string arrangements and assorted vocalists, with crisp drum patterns and solid production qualities. It is sort of a meeting of yesterday’s and tomorrow’s music. And it works wonderfully.

Highlights include the instrumental nu-jazz flavoured piece ‘Come Closer’, the great vocal pairing of Vilja Larjosto & Anya Stuart over flutes and beeps on ‘When Life Has To Confer’, and the interplanetary keys and broken beats of ‘Interplanetary Jaunt ‘. Of course, I could go on an name another six or seven songs.

You can listen for yourself, via the following album sampler:

Guests include Dwight Trible, Sacha Williamson, Vilja Larjosto and Dorian Concept. Buy this album, now.

Orakel’s soundcloud page.


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