Jill Scott – The Light Of The Sun LP

Can Jill Scott do no wrong? On listening to her soon to be released album, The Light Of The Sun, it seems not.

The Philidelphia-raised Scott got her start when noticed by ?uestlove of The Roots, who brought her into the studio to work with the band. This resulted in a co-writing credit for The Roots’ grammy award winning song, ‘You Got Me’ (that actually featured Erykah Badu on vocals). Jill went on to work further with the band, as well as with Eric Benet, Will Smith, and Common.

Her solo releases, including the debut album ‘Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1’ of 2000, have generally garnered positive reviews and postioned her as a leading light on the nu-soul scene.

Now, the folks at NPR are hosting a stream of the new album in its entirety! You can stream from here.

Today I sat down to listen. While I had a little bit of trouble matching tracks I was listening to with the tracklisting provided, a couple stood out for me including the lead track ‘Blessed’, her wonderful duo with Anthony Hamilton ‘So In Love’, and the slow organic soul vibe of ‘Hear My Call’ (at least I think it was that!).

She’s a talent!



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2 responses to “Jill Scott – The Light Of The Sun LP

  1. I was thinking the same thing about her doing now wrong. I was listening to the try.love rain remix and Mos has totally lost it she’s as good as she was 11 years ago! She needs to get an EU tour sorted!

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